Chapter "Sacred Library" in two more screenshots!

Posted by Fiola on August 8, 2014 17:45

We have released new game screenshots from the alpha build of the game. And from now on, we are even finishing the basic storyline. We have to make it in less than 25 days, because 2nd October, there will be big gaming event in Czech Republic. We want to make sure, that all of the visitors will play the best possible version of the game.

Enjoy these new images!


"Sacred Library" Speedart

Posted by Fiola on August 8, 2014 17:43

See how one from our artworks is created in this time-lapse speedart video. This art was created by our team member Rado Markovic.



Posted by Fiola on July 7, 2014 17:40

We went to several festivals in Czech republic. Geek Roadshow 2014 took place in Prague, Liberec and Brno and we had a lot of players here! Look at the small videocoverage here! :)


A jungle full of life in the new Blackhole trailer

Posted by Fiola on June 6, 2014 14:27

We have just published a new trailer video for Blackhole game, which provides some deeper insight of the title. A part of the trailer is a new environment from the chapter called "No man's land" and also including a light musical motive which highlights the living jungle. In these fresh levels, a new game mechanics are shown - i.e. the tackle system.

Even the tackle system reacts to the changes of gravity; so it's crucial to pay attention to where player step. Simple trampolines are also new to the game, which provide the player more options how to solve logical riddles. The trailer also shows parts of two final levels from a known enviroment "Crash site" (a cave).

On our YouTube channel, there are also four other videos with other levels without any cuts.

New trailer is available here:

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