save the earth on epic suicide mission

It’s the year 2121 and planet Earth is endangered by black holes. You’re one of the crew set on an ultimate mission: to eliminate and completely erase these black holes. One day the astronauts encounter a black hole so massive that they are not able to avoid it by any means and their whole ship is sucked into it.

In Blackhole you control one of the crew members in the game; yourself. On your journey, you’re accompanied by the ship’s artificial intelligence that managed to upload itself into a PDA during the accident.

The main goal of the game is to collect “Selfburns” - clever nanobots that are capable of repairing the ship.

But closing the black holes includes something darker that hasn’t crossed any crew-members’s mind.

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Stranded alone on the Entity

Explore colorful caves, a long lost ancient city, feel the freezing winds of the mountains and don’t be afraid to go through the terrifying jungle. Find a way to collect every single Selfburn, avoid lethal obstacles, master your movement and get a 100% score in all of the levels! This is a perfect arcade for hardcore gamers and for those who wish to try some brand new, fresh adventure!

The time is measured and recorded throughout every single level so players will be able to share their best times with their friends or on an either domestic or even global leaderboard.

The levels are designed in a very unique way. There are 4 points of view that you can adjust by jumping onto a platform that changes gravity. When you do that, new opportunities open for you. You can reach places that were unreachable before and jump over gaps that were unbeatable before. One level is basically like four different ones and it is only up to you to try and find the best way through.

Be the hero of the game. Play new challenge levels that can be found in the Challenge Vault every single week. Master the levels, score the best time and win a limited prize as a gift from the developers!

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The team behind Blackhole

We’re a group of friends formed in 2002. We use our minds to develop computer games and create crazy multimedia projects. Our studio is based in Prague but every single one of us comes from a different part of the country. One of us is even from Slovakia!

Filip Kraucher

Producer, story designer

Vojta Stránský

Programmer, game-designer

Radek Jakl

Lead graphic designer

Rado Markovic

Concept artist, graphic designer

Jakub Miřejovský

Sound & music composer

Tomáš Otáhal

Gameplay designer

Are you interested in our game?

Well, thank you! You now have several options how to support our game. Also, email us if have any further questions or requests!

Blackhole will be released on three mayor platforms:
PC, Linux and Mac. Coming this fall.
You made it! Blackhole will be released on STEAM! Thank you all for your support during our Steam Greenlight campaign!
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