A jungle full of life in the new Blackhole trailer Posted by Fiola on June 27, 2014 14:27 PM

We have just published a new trailer video of the Blackhole game, which provides a deeper insight on the title. A part of the trailer is a new environment from the chapter called "No man's land", and also includes a light musical accompaniment which highlights the living jungle. In these new levels, new game mechanics are shown - i.e. the tackle system.

Even the tackle system reacts to the changes of gravity; so it's very important to pay attention to where the player steps. Another novelty to the game are simple trampolines, which provide more options to the player in solving the logical riddles. The trailer also shows parts of two final levels from an already well-known environment "Crash site" (a cave).

There are also four other videos with other levels without any cuts on our YouTube channel.

New trailer is available here: