BLACKHOLE PATCH 1.6.2 OUT NOW! Posted by BLACKHOLE on July 3, 2016 22:32 PM

We are happy to announce that today all players have got an instant access to our newest patch. The Challenge Vault is our answer to multiplayer in Blackhole. It works as asynchronous tournament mode. For the next 15 weeks you will find brand new levels crafted specifically for speedruns challenges.

If you have the best time, you can become the King of the Vault! And that's something, since you can also win a very special price.



  • Fixed more than 300+ bugs across the game
  • New game mode: Challenge Vault
  • Online leaderboards
  • New ingame menu for lost Dog Tags
  • New Director's Cut levels for owners of Complete Edition
  • New bonus content for Complete Edition owners
  • Brand new locations in the game to explore (2 for each entity!)
  • Improved overall FPS rate in the Sacred Library
  • Replaced some graphical resources to newer iterations
  • Fixed missing overlay on OS X version.


  • (FIX) Fixed several camera issues during cutscenes
  • (FIX) Fixed issue on Mac causing crashing the game after 10 minutes of gameplay
  • (FIX) Fixed issue in Challenge Vault Replay system after which game crashed
  • (FIX) Fixed missing dog-tags by recovering map files
  • (FIX) Fixed two minor memory leaks
  • (NEW) Added ability to hide hint keys during the replay
  • (FIX) Fixed several GUI problems and text overlapping
  • (FIX) Fixed missing translations (all languages)
  • (FIX) Fixed stability of the server for Challenge Vault
  • (FIX) Overall improvement in texture pages causing less crashes on integrated graphics cards
  • (FIX) Fixed issue where you get disconnected while exiting the level which is not included in Challenge Vault Leaderboards
  • (FIX) Fixed issue when wind dissapear from the level in Crazy Avalanche on Mac
  • (FIX) Fixed several camera issues during cutscenes
  • (FIX) Fixed issue causing “BLACKHOLE stop responding” when exiting the game

We are working hard to fix these reported issues as soon as possible:

  • Issue causing letterbox when is the screenshot saved under smaller resolutions than 1920x1080.
  • Issue which disable gamepad controller for OS X version.
  • Issue when you change windows to fullscreen or vice-versa, causing memory leak on OS X and Linux.
  • Issue when some sounds are missing after a while of playing on OS X and Linux.
  • Issue where game unexpectedly crashes without any error on OS X.

What's next?

We want to thank you for all of your positive reviews and all the reported bugs. We are fully focused on making the game even more enjoyable and looking forward to hearing how you like the update on our Steam Discussion forum!

Also, we have released a troubleshoot article to help you solve many problems with the game. Feel free to check it out on this link! :)

Enjoy the game,
FiolaSoft Studio ːaurielː