Nominate the BLACKHOLE in IOTY 2015 awards Posted by BLACKHOLE on December 2, 2015 13:44 PM

IndieDB is now hosting the biggest community contest for Indie Game Developers. The Indie Game of The Year 2015 and we need your support.

Right now is the nomination phase in progress, and we need every possible fans to vote for our game and get it into the TOP 100 selection!

We are doing our best to make our game better right from the February. This is the chance to get to know about our game to everyone else!

Let's go together make this happen. Let's world know about BLACKHOLE!

1. Open the link
2. Click on the vote
3. Find a cup of coffee
4. Make sure that coffee is really hot
5. Pour coffee down your throat!
6. Profit ♥

You can vote here:

And you can see stats of the competition live here:

As always,
we can't even express how greatful we are for such a great community around our game. Please, stay in touch with us. Follow our dev story here, on our Twitter or Facebook.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below. And hey, let us know that you've voted for us, to see actually the players that care! :)

FiolaSoft Studio & Auriel ːaurielː