Problem with starting Blackhole? Here's solution! Posted by BLACKHOLE on February 6, 2016 20:30 PM

UPDATED ON 2/9/2016 - This problem should be resolved now. You don't have to go into beta channel anymore. Game should start well as usual.

Dear players,
we have new reported problem with BLACKHOLE and Intel HD Graphics / AMD chipsets. The newest Intel drivers unfortunately causing the problem with DirectX 9.0C and BLACKHOLE stop responding or doesn't working correctly.

The same problem also often triggers the message that the DRIVER has crashed and was restored.

Please, let me really apologize for this trouble. But on the other hand it's nothing we could prevent from. We have to update our code, and bring support for more laptop players. That said, we are working really hard for 2 months now to release brand new version of BLACKHOLE, which will solve like almost 300 bugs and adds new locations & puzzles for free.

But, here comes the sad part: we are not still ready to release stable version yet. For that reason, we created public beta branch for those, whose experiencing problems with starting the game. This public beta contains everything what we'd planned to release next week.

How to activate Public Beta of Blackhole:

  • Go into your Library in Steam
  • Find Blackhole
  • Open Blackhole Properties
  • There is section "Betas"
  • Select "beta - Public Beta Branch"
  • No need enter password
  • Download the update
  • Try to play game now! :)

Don't worry about your save-files or collector's content. Nothing in local data will be changed using this beta branch. Only "early access" game content will be updated.

We really hope this beta version will help those, who experiecing difficulties with running the game. When the final version of the update will be ready - we move version into the stable (default) channel. You can change from beta branch to default at any time - save files are backward compatible.

Thank you very much for your patience and support. If you need any special support, don't worry to contact us directly using - thank you!

PS: If you have problem with running the game, would you mind to tell us your CPU, GPU and OS? If you want to help us, leave them into comments below. It will give us the perspective, how large this problem is.

Have a great day,