The story begins with BLACKHOLE Posted by Fiola on January 4, 2015 03:38 AM

The latest trailer presents all the main characters that you will meet in the game! Blackhole is an exciting animated 2D platformer with elements of changing the gravity. The story is about astronauts which are saving the planet Earth from black holes. Unfortunately, one black hole is so large that it sucks the entire spaceship. Thanks to special protocols of artificial intelligence Auriel crew will survive crash and find the Entity, brand new world inside a black hole!

The FiolaSoft Studio also introduced final english cast with: Blake Swift, Kira Buckland, Martin Billany, River Kanoff, Mark Whitten, Marissa Lenti, Devon Talbott, Anthony Sardinha, Chris Niosi and more! Be sure to take a look at the trailer!

The game is coming to Steam on February 2015. Be ready!

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