When do we get the time to blog? Posted by Fiola on November 2, 2014 17:03 PM

We got a new website (yay!) and currently there’s a lot of work with shooting some Blackhole stuff for the special edition; hence the lack of posts with news and information here on our developing blog.

But we’re going to change that! Starting tomorrow, a big ‚crunch‘ is coming, which means you’re not likely to see many long videos, nor you’re going to read many announcements. From now on it’ll be adds, clips, and a big story trailer. And so, I’ll try to focus on this blog and provide you with more information.

You won’t be wrong to check if you’re already following us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. That, however, doesn’t mean we’ll start airing info any sooner than January 2015 – there will be some development talk and a couple of news, but our main goal right now remains to be finishing the developer part all the touch-ups.

Because all the things that need to be taken care of are:

  • All environments (the basic designs)
  • All characters from the game
  • Complete Czech dubbing (hooray!)
  • Complete Czech subtitles
  • Levels designs
  • Design of the challenge mode and also a design of the whole Entity

What has not been taken care of is, this all has not been linked together. And so, that shall be our task for the next couple of weeks.

It’s not that difficult though. I think we all know this: you’re working and working and working, and for a long time you can’t see any progress, but then at some point, you put everything together and the whole picture is suddenly complete, even though it seemed impossible just the other day. The feeling that connecting all the pieces gives you is something I truly enjoy.

Don’t go thinking that that’s where our job ends, though! Not in the least! We do have things to put together, but there’s many more bits that are still missing. For example, the English version. It won’t be easy.

By the way, have you seen our gameplay video introducing the Sacred Library? Personally, I think the city of Lost Civilization is the most awesome! :)